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mariami dates

dates in the world. As it passes through the different stages of ripening, the colour changes from Yellowish to Golden Yellow. Pengeksportan dan pasaran pengguna: Kurma Piarom boleh didapati

secara komersial dan, kerana kualiti dan popularitinya yang tinggi dengan pelanggan, ia telah menjadi satu kurma eksport yang khas, menarik pasaran antarabangsa yang paling terkemuka. It however contains more potassium than bananas and are an excellent source of Vitamin C for the body. Malah, kurma Piarom adalah kurma eksport terbaik di Iran. Description: These fleshy dates are called the Queen of Dates which are best known as (Dates of light) with Nour the arabic term for light. Origin: Saudi Arabia, description: Mashrouq Dates or "Mashruq dates" are similiar to Mabroum dates. Origin: Saudi Arabia, description: Ambar dates also know as "Anbara" are soft and fleshy drier variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. Our Signature Snack Almond Stuffed Mariami Dates is definitely one of a kind. It has a unique yellow golden brown colour that distinguishes it from other dates.

Mariami dates

Origin, more of mariami dates then than not, the city of the Prophet mariami dates having historical and religious importance. Longer, soft and Sweet, saudi Arabia, firmer body compared to other dates and a less sugary taste thats perfect for those who enjoy subtler flavors. Description, it is probably the biggest variety of dates produced. Most consume these fresh dates when it is ripe while some enjoy it fresh. Origin, taste, it is one major species of fresh date with huge annual yield. Saudi Arabia, dieticians consider Dates the best food for breastfeeding mothers.

Kurma Piarom segar mengandungi bel kirakira 160 kalori. Dates are full of this mineral. It is dark brown in color and round in size.


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