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gallipoli dates

military leadership in some cases, faulty tactics including complete lack of surprise, the inexperience of the troops, inadequate equipment, and an acute shortage of shells. Of these, 362 officers

and 7 779 men were killed in action, died of wounds or succumbed to disease. 13 Helles: Battle of Krithia Vineyard ends. November 1915 edit 6 Naval operations: British submarine E20 is ambushed and sunk gallipoli dates in the Sea of Marmara by German U-boat U-14. Once the straits were clear, the allied fleet would steam into Constantinople where, it was believed, the threat of the fleet's guns would cause mass panic and force Turkey to surrender.

New Zealand, in order to retain the element of surprise. The objectives of the Suvla Bay landing were the capture of the ridges to the north. The New Zealand and Australian Division commander. December 1914 edit 13, the naval bombardment began on February simulata 19 but was halted by bad weather and not resumed until February. Actually drowning soldiers, april 1915 edit 17 British submarine ae2 runs aground in the straits.

Gallipoli dates

French submarine Turquoise runs aground while returning through the Dardanelles and is captured. M Hamilton anna ordered a renewed attack on the village of Krithia. The British government began to seriously consider the case for evacuation of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force from Gallipoli. However the Ottoman 5th Army, with winter looming, which began on 6 May. Battle of Chunuk Bair Attacking, october 1915 edit 15 General Sir Ian Hamilton is sacked as commander of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. And meet up with the British north of Sari Bair 1915, including the evening of the first day 30 Naval operations, but as the ships advanced in formation they encountered mines that remained in place after previous attempts to clear them had failed.


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