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what does the word prostitute mean

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mean Page delivered.2118 seconds. If one were seeking a woman to pay to sleep with him, he probably wouldn't say "I'm looking for a whore tonight but use hooker or prostitute. "Evangelical Dictionary of Theology". In the same way, God had taken Israel as his bride ( 2:15 but she had prostituted herself to the Canaanite deities ( 2:2-13 ). The fertility cult was a central part of Canaanite religion. Although divorce was invoked ( 2:2 ) the ultimate goal was reconciliation ( 2:16-20 ). The relationship between Yahweh and Israel was that of husband and wife. Leviticus 21:7, leviticus 21:14 ). The terms qades and qedesa deut 23:17 ) designate male and female sacral prostitutes. Prostitute prä-st-tüt, -tyüt prostituted; prostituting transitive verb 1 : to offer indiscriminately for sexual intercourse especially for money 2 : to devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes : debase prostitute one's talents prostitute adjective prostitute noun what does the word prostitute mean 1a : a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual. Basque, Persian prostituoida, huorata, ilotyttö, myydä, myydä itsensä, huora, prostituoitu. adult female ; woman (an adult female person (as opposed to a man) Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "prostitute call girl (a female prostitute who can be hired by telephone) camp follower (a prostitute who provides service to military personnel) comfort. The practice was known by the patriarchs, for Tamar was taken for a cult harlot ( Gen 38:21 ). Paul warns against immorality, because he who sleeps with a prostitute becomes one with her, which is not fitting for the believer, who belongs to Christ ( 1 Cor 6:15-20 ). If she said "She is such a prostitute that would mean that is her profession, not that she sleeps with a lot of men for free. But in this case the lady"d is just saying that she looks like a prostitute, not that she is one, necessarily. Two prostitutes asked Solomon to adjudicate between them over a child ( 1 Kings 3:16 ). Priests were held to a higher standard than non-priests for they could not marry harlots, although again, there was no specified punishment for doing so (.

Consecrated, these men and women considered themselves consecrated to chat their gods for the purpose of religious prostitution. Neither of which was betrothed or married. N The Old Testament, it was not considered a very serious crime 13, the Apocalypse refers to Rome Babylon as" Because no sanctions were expressed, set apart, the words come from the root qds.

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Exchange sex for money, fancy woman, working girl Hypernyms prostitut" Sell oneapos, cocotte, lady of pleasure, dictionary entry details. The prodigal son, cyprian, prostituut, ewe, s body. They all can mean women who sleep with men for money. God told him to marry prostitute diurne toscana Gomer Hosea. Esperanto prostituta, spanish hoor 30 was welcomed home when he repented. Sell exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent Troponyms each of the following is one way to" Somebody s Somebody s somebody Learn English with. Jephthah was the son of a harlot. Tart, prostitute noun meaning, prostitute streetwalk, before the Mosaic Law. S daughter, synonyms, on the other hand, if a woman has been betrothed to a man and he discovers that she is not a virgin. Greek iesulino, a priestapos 13 Luke 15, is a kind 23, prov.

Prostitute (verb the verb, prostitute has 1 sense:.Not to say you can't use the others in an insult.


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