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accounts will be deleted after 6 months. Before Uploading You must read the. Sticky topics appear below any announcements in view forum and only on the first page. The

board is not designed to handle the changeovers between standard and daylight time so during summer months the time may be an hour different from the real local time. Torrent upload guide, if your ratio is less than.8 your account will be downgraded to a limited account after the initial warning period has expired. These people can control all facets of board operation which include setting permissions, banning users, creating usergroups or moderators, etc. These topics are a part of our rules and are there to help you, they offer a full explanation as to how not only the tracker works, but how to survive here - they change on a daily basis, so make sure you check back. Administrators are people assigned the highest level of control over the entire board. Account inactivity, you must stay active on the site. Images can indeed be shown in your posts. I changed the timezone and the time is still audionews wrong! DO NOT post Requests in the forums. If you are interested in creating a usergroup then your first point of contact should be the administrator, so try dropping them a private message. To display the image use either the BBCode img tag or appropriate html (if allowed).

G, etc, any New users that have no stats for one month will have their account deleted. All scopato your settings if you are registered are stored in the database. Do NOT spam or post thanks on torrent comments.

Before Downloading You must read the Welcome to Audionews - and what it all means.Before Uploading You must read the torrent upload guide If your ratio is less than.

Like most settings, can only be done by registered users. What you may be seeing are times displayed in a timezone different from the one you are. What are the Forum rules, so set a static IP if possible. DO NOT post share site links to illegal foto gratis ragazze pompinare neri content. The whole of the previous post to yours. The times are almost certainly correct.

This will allow you to change all your settings.How do I become a Usergroup Moderator?Use the request section.


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